Live in Copenhagen area - 2022

Betrayer of Light has its roots in black metal, but the music is inspired by many other genres, caused by the members different musical background in other bands. The music combines fast and slow parts, several metal genres, different vocal styles (black/clean) and melodic guitars, we call it melodic black metal - decide for yourself!

The band was founded in 2009 in Copenhagen by Carsten Jensen, Michael Nielsen and Mark Hermansen former members of Archeo og Noctanium. Today the band has 5 members.

Since the beginning the band has played a lot of gigs around Denmark. Some of the bands we have toured with are: Necrosis, Noctum, Decay of Existence, Dreadlord, Marodium, Sicklore, 3XB and Chronicle

Lord Bane - vocalist and member since 2009

Lord Bane

Ildfjaert - guitarist and member since 2009

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Morphar - bass guitar and member since 2009

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Smertesorg - drummer and member since 2010

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Black witch - vocalist and member since 2016

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Lead guitar?

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